"Having worked with Beelineweb.com (Trade-Schools.net) for over 15 years, I can say without a doubt they provide the highest quality EDU leads in the marketplace hands down. They've been a joy to work with over the years and are an amazing family-run company that prides itself on service and quality." — Eric Benjamin, President / CEO, Weboganic, Inc.

"I have worked with Trade-Schools.net (Beelineweb.com) for many years and it has been a great experience. Their organic inquiries are my clients' favorite inquiries. The quality of their leads are outstanding and not only that but the people at Beelineweb.com are great to work with. Beelineweb.com gets put on every new client Gragg Advertising has because there is no doubt that their inquiries are the best." — Krista Newman, Senior Analyst, Gragg Advertising

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"Working with Beeline is easy. They are receptive, responsive, and full of ideas. I never have to worry about the work they are doing since I always know it will be top notch. They are one of the few organizations where the staff truly take an interest in our needs and working with them feels like working with someone in our own organization. They are truly a great group and I'd recommend Beeline to anybody." — Cheryl Knorr, E-Advisor, Stenberg College

"From day one of working with Beelineweb.com, I have been nothing but impressed with their professionalism, and their understanding of my learning curve as a new-comer to the advertising industry. They always get back to me in a timely manner and have the answers I'm looking for. I would consider their customer service to be top-notch. The quality of leads that they produce for my clients are always top-level, which I've found can be rare in this industry. All around, Beelineweb.com does things the right way—from their overall professionalism, to the individual attention they give on accounts, and everything in between. When it comes to affiliate marketing, I always will look to Beelineweb.com first." — Ryan Odle, Paid Search Specialist, KELLYBRADY

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"We have worked with Beelineweb for years, and have nothing but excellent things to say about their company and especially about the quality of the leads they generate. Ched, Lauren and team are great to deal with, and they really take care of business! Most of our requests get completed in a matter of hours. Website updates are done very quickly and accurately. They have always been great to work with, and from back when we were a small company to now, being Canada's largest private post secondary education provider, Beeline has been reliable and a great partner. The leads generated by Beeline are amongst the top converting leads that we get from our partners, with conversion rates consistently high and often reaching double digits. And the fact that they care about how their leads convert into students as much as we do shows how good they actually are! Business ethics combined with great strategies in the generation of search driven (organic) traffic have resulted in a very steady, predictable and high quality lead flow. We thoroughly enjoy working with Beeline and hope to continue doing so for many years to come." — Andre Souza, Director, Online Marketing

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"It's been a pleasure working with Beeline. The leads we receive through trade-schools.ca have been consistently solid and we are very pleased with the results it's generated for us. We measure lead vendor success by rate of conversion on several factors. For example, inquiries attending appointments, inquiries that enroll, etc. Beeline conversion rates have been proven to work well for us time and time again. In addition to quantity of leads, the quality of leads from your site is excellent. When we need an answer, we don't wait long for a response that meets our needs. We certainly feel that Beeline continues to optimize our leads through SEM efforts and it's evident that your team takes a proactive approach in this regard.In short, our time and energy is well spent on these leads and the end result. We look forward to continuing to have a successful working relationship with Beeline and thank you for your hard work." — Mahsa Saeedi, Marketing & Public Relations Manager

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"Beelineweb.com was one of the first advertisers we partnered with when expanding our online marketing efforts in 2003. Over the years they have provided Penn Foster with excellent service, a high level of quality leads, and the individual attention that we look for in a partner. My sincere thanks to Ched and the entire team for all their hard work and dedication over the years and we look forward to many more." — Alicia Slachta, Affiliate Program Manager, Penn Foster

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