May 27, 2011

Lake Country, British Columbia - The owners and employees of, a habitually smiling bunch, are displaying even bigger grins these days. For the first time in the online lead generation space, the best companies within the industry have been officially recognized. received six awards, including first-place wins in two important categories.

LeadsCouncil, an independent organization established to promote best practices in the highly competitive online lead generation industry, conducted a survey of lead buyers across North America's higher education sector. Membership in LeadsCouncil was not required for a company to be nominated.

As part of the LeadsCouncil 2010 LEADER Awards in the education space, received the following honors:

  • Winner: Best Value
  • Winner: Best Compliance
  • Runner-up: Best Lead Quality
  • Runner-up: Best Conversion
  • Runner-up: Best Consistency
  • Runner-up: Best Customer Service

Ched Gaglardi, CEO of, said, "We are thrilled and humbled to be recognized in this way. It means a great deal to our whole team to know that the work we do is so well respected. We go to great efforts to ensure that every client receives the best value possible."'s president, Lauren Gaglardi, agrees: "These awards validate our approach. We take the needs of our clients and the students they serve very seriously. That's why lead quality and compliance are so important to us. We feel we have an ethical responsibility to do things right. I think that is what makes our lead generation services so powerful for our clients."

Ched and Lauren both say that they have no plans for to rest on its laurels. With North America's higher education landscape undergoing constant change, they vow to stay true to their values and keep in a leadership position.

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